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She does more* 
than you expect!

*And she does it well!


Let's meet, shall we?

Hi, I'm Francesca, Online Marketing Manager

Hi there!


I'm Francesca, Online Marketing Manager passionate about organic marketing

and social media! 

I've been working online as a freelancer for the past 7 years, helping online coaches, teachers, consultants, and strategists streamline their businesses and make the most of their online presence!


My diverse skill set in funnel marketing, graphic design, and project management allows me to bring a well-rounded approach to each project I work on. I'm dedicated to helping individuals make their mark in the online world, and I take an inclusive approach to my work, welcoming clients from all genders.

With me on your side, you can rest assured that your online marketing, social media, and graphics will perfectly align with your brand and message.



You will regain the freedom to focus on creating your content, share your message to your audience, and stop with the DYI so you can start selling instead.


Stand out from the saturated market of Service Providers with my straightforward, simple strategies and large knowledge of the “BTS” (behind the scenes)


Experiencing a friendly collaboration with an experienced MARKETING MANAGER


The Meet-Up Strategy Call

This is where it all starts! (EXCITING!)


An informal, but strategy laser-focused “One To One” to unleash creativity, a well-organised plan and a perfect goal setting.


One of my superpowers is creating genuine relationships with people.


There’s a magic that happens when working together with someone you can really rely on, because together it allows us to identify our hidden potential and learn how to put it all into action, without feeling lost in the tech behind it!

The Package Picking

Every business journey and personal journey is different, and that is why I’ve created packages for you to choose from, which are perfect to provide you with the support, strategy, tools and actions that are relevant to your individual circumstances.


My packages are designed to give you personalised high-level support, so you can get clear on exactly what you need to create and have more time to do it!


If you’re passionate about your vision but need inclusive support to get you there, if you want regular help to keep you goal-focused as you grow your business and time to really work on your content, then these packages have your name on them.

Ready, GO!

We are now ready to rumble!


I will onboard you (WELCOME ABOARD, by the way!) and I will put into action all that we have planned together, thanks to a visual and organised structure you can manage and review with me anytime you want!


And now it’s time for me to create magic, so you can start creating yours!


Fran does phenomenal work!!!


I am so pleased with what she was able to put together for the branding work for my business.


She was able to really hone in on my personality, and characteristics, and combined those aspects with my business values to create a custom brand perfectly tailored for me.

I am so happy I was able to work with Fran, she is talented and

I cannot wait to collaborate with her on future projects.

She will exceed your expectations!

Otisa Eads

HR Expert and Systems Strategist

Fran has significantly made my life easier!!!


It is not always easy to find someone who is as versatile as I am.


And I trust her to accomplish the tasks in a timely fashion.


As a launch strategist, I know that I can rely on Fran to help me do some of the behind-the-scenes work

for my clients and the quality will be as good as what I would offer.


I love that I can give her a project the night before and it's done when I wake up

I highly recommend Fran to help you lighten your load!

Elaine Turso

Business consultant

When I first started working with Fran, I was unsure of what the next phase of my business would be, but I was sure that a makeover was needed. Her creativity is unlike any other graphic designer that I've met because she doesn't just settle for what "looks good."

Fran makes sure that each design carries the client's unique personality AND is also aesthetically pleasing. The thing that most impressed me about working with her was her timeliness around every request or deadline that we set.


She was able to envision, edit and finalize designs at such a fast pace and I was able to start selling new coaching offers much sooner than I expected. Fran is the best, and most affordable, you should definitely work with her.

Jenny Medrano


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