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7 Epic Fails in Managing Your Epic Remote Squad – And How to Fix Them

Hey boss, listen up!

Are you committing any of these epics fails in managing your remote team?

Don't sweat it; you're not alone. Managing a remote team can be a bit tricky, especially if you're used to seeing your team's lovely faces every day.

But, if you want your remote team to be a well-oiled machine, then there are some common mistakes you must avoid like the plague!

Let's get real and talk about the top 7 epic fails in managing your remote team and how to sassily fix them:

  1. Neglecting Your Team: Honey, not giving your remote team the time of day is a big no-no! Building relationships is crucial for a remote team to thrive. So, pick up that phone and have some spontaneous chats about life, love, and everything in between. Trust us, it's not rocket science, but it is necessary.

  2. Lack of Updated and Easily Accessible Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Sis, if you want your remote team to slay, then you need to have updated and accessible SOPs in place. Without them, you'll be running around like a headless chicken. So, let's get organized, create some SOPs, and share them with your team.

  3. Failing to Build a Strong Company Culture: Boo, having a strong company culture is essential for any team, but it's even more critical for a remote team. Your remote team can feel disconnected and lonely, so building a strong culture can help them feel like they're part of the fam. Make them feel appreciated, and they'll give you their all.

  4. Poor Onboarding Procedure: Listen up, sis, your onboarding procedure is the first impression your new hires get. If you don't have a clear and thorough onboarding process, then they'll be lost in the sauce. Don't let that happen! Have an excellent onboarding procedure that covers everything they need to know.

  5. Lack of Communication: Communication is the key to any relationship and is even more important for remote teams. Don't leave your team members in the dark; keep them in the loop with regular check-ins, team meetings, and one-on-one convos. Keep the lines of communication open, and watch the magic happen.

  6. Micromanagement: Darling, micromanaging is so last year! If you want to build trust and motivation with your remote team, then you need to give them the space to work. Trust that they know what they're doing and let them do it. Don't be that boss who micromanages every little detail, and no one will want to work for you.

  7. Ignoring Feedback: Last but not least, feedback is crucial for any team, but it's even more essential for remote teams. You need to ensure you're getting feedback regularly to ensure your team is happy and motivated. Listen to what they're saying and take action to make improvements.

Managing a remote team can be a real challenge, but if you avoid these epic fails and implement these fixes, then your remote team will be on the path to greatness!


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